We are going with TrailBlazer6, LLC

When we get a client, we only care about one thing – helping them win. No drama. Just deliberate execution.

Orlando P. Gonzalez, Team Leader

What’s really going on: It happened! We decided to go with our TrailBlazer6, LLC name rather than our trade name founderNERD Consulting.

We still do what we do: We are a small team (mostly Veterans) marketing operations agency – partnering with early-stage startups founders/CEOs. As operational and automation gurus, we’ve carved a small space within the sales enablement and marketing operations sector. We use tech stacks to help us automate, but we are relentless when it come to optimization and process improvement.

Culture first, process implementation, and then automation – and improvement is continuous.

Basically, we can implement and administer HubSpot (sales, marketing, and service software), Marketo, and Salesforce (CRM) faster and more cost-effective than the competition. Plus we do videos – yup…those annoying last minute video pitches.